How to Get A Quality Marketing Strategy for Your B2B Brand

B2B brands require a different marketing strategy than B2C brands. Effective marketing strategies for B2B brands consist of targeting people that are in charge of making decisions on behalf of their company or organisation. As a B2B marketing agency, Poseidon has an extensive understanding of each stage of the buyer’s journey. To ensure successful execution, B2B brands require more time, effort and extensive long-term budget plan.

Ensuring the success of b2b brands

The success of b2b brands involves building relationships with relevant companies and the right marketing agency. This can be the difference between getting the result you want or possibly starting over.

At Poseidon, we believe that communication is the key to long-term business partnerships. We are more than your external B2B SEO and digital marketing agency. We assigned a dedicated marketing team that will learn about your business and its processes in-depth, to ensure the goal and vision you have are met and executed flawlessly.

The many advantages of working with a b2b marketing agency.

1. Cost-Effective

For many businesses, there are budget limitations of having an internal marketing team. This is where marketing agencies, like Poseidon, come in and work as an outsource for your company at a fraction of a price. A good B2B Marketing Agency has options that will help you choose what you need for the brand. Poseidon offers a FREE marketing strategy session to assist in helping you choose what you need.

2. Access to the multifaceted world of marketing

Marketing agencies typically will have a group of qualified professionals in the respective fields that are also well-versed in marketing. From Google Ads experts through to web developers, marketing agencies have the right resources to help with improving brand presence and increase quality leads for you. Meaning more time for you to focus on other areas of the business, and this gives the company access to experts that you may not realise you need to help run successful marketing campaigns.

3. Knowledge and Expertise

B2B marketing agencies have extensive knowledge of different marketing channels. They have the experience and access to numerous programs to make certain that you have successful campaigns. Understanding different marketing channels will assist in promoting your business online and place your services in front of the intended audience.

We are expert in PPC campaigns, email marketing and remarketing campaigns utilising ad networks such as Google and Bing, as well as social media platforms. The world is your oyster and Poseidon is here to help!

4. Quality Leads and time efficiency.

A team of marketing experts can help boost quality leads to your businesses by creating a plan fitting for your industry. Any good agency will ensure that the team assigned to your business will learn about your company’s processes, values and long-term goals. This allows them to be able to assist with developing the best strategy for your brand.

Poseidon’s teams are veterans when it comes to time efficiency, yet we also understand the importance of being flexible. We are aware that strategies created may need last-minute adjustments to facilitate the ever-so-changing world of marketing.

What type of agency is best suited for my business?

Looking for the right agency is daunting and it is essential that you ask the right questions. Poseidon is not only a B2B SEO Agency, but we also specialise in PPC campaigns and Social Media Advertising. There are many different types of marketing agencies that can help you with your business. Our recommendation is to first evaluate your business needs and goals, then seek an agency that can help you meet those targets.

When you are ready to approach a marketing agency, consider previous clients references and types of industries the agency has worked with in the past. Your business compatibility with a marketing agency is a factor to consider. As it could be the deciding factor, which opens the business to more like-minded individuals that will love the brand as much as you do.

How to get started with Poseidon?

We are a results-driven digital agency that holds ourselves accountable for your digital marketing needs. Poseidon’s team are experts in PPC, SEO and Social Media advertising. We help you find the right team to work with you whether it is for B2B PPC campaigns, B2B SEO campaigns or B2B Social Media advertising.

Call us directly on 1800 836 957 or to receive a FREE Proposal visit our Contact Us page and fill in the form.

The Rise of Visual Search

Due to the current situation across the globe, digital marketers are in a phase where we have to shift gears and develop new strategies on how to generate more business for clients.  There are many new opportunities on how to better brands’ SEO and increase revenue using Google Ads by harnessing new ways of online searching, the Three V’s, Video, Voice and Visual. In recent years, marketers have been on optimising video and voice searches, as the technology for visual search was still in development. This year we can see further advancements in visual search and it’s an exciting new technology that forward-thinking marketers like Poseidon welcome. 

What is Visual Search & How does it work?

Visual Search is a way of conducting searches using an image captured instead of keywords. A powerful AI(artificial intelligence) and ML(machine learning) technologies work hand in hand in order to help identify similar images and content connected to the visual search.

The development of Visual Search needs to strengthen its accuracy due to the high demand by Generation Z and Millennial consumers (ViSenze). As humans, our minds are able to identify images within 13 milliseconds as 90% of the information transmitted in our brain is visual. The based theory behind the visual search is the ability to teach machines to not only see pixels and start to understand patterns and shapes within a picture.

AI’s ability combined with machine learning technology, allows companies such as Google to integrate its expansive database into Google Lens. The comprehensive data retained in the technology contribute in Google Lens capabilities to recommend similar products, reviews and retailers pertaining to the image search(Social Media Today).

How Digital Marketers can help brands improve visibility through Visual Search.

As digital marketers, our team knows the importance of visibility and appearing on the first page of a search engine. Through Visual Search, our clients that focus on visual business can benefit most from this. Why you might ask? Our clients are able to take advantage of merchandising strategy and explore new ways to customise shopping experiences on the website. This phase is important as many clients at the stage of discovery or browsing phase of the funnel. There are of course also customers that input the search and ready to buy but it’s usually not the case.

Brands have proven that implementing this technology early on has benefitted them more than other brands who do not. Brands such as Asos, BooHoo and Forever 21 have been able to increase their conversion more than others who do not take advantage of this technology. Ikea also has launched its catalogue through Pinterest, a leader in the Visual Search market.

Pinterest launched its first visual search(Pinterest Lens) function in 2017 and this was a strategic move to compete with other social platforms. Pinterest technology advancements and unique strategy place allow marketers to target an even more niche audience. They understand the importance of this digital age that the user’s interests are taken into account and advertisement displayed alongside the user’s pins is so refined it is able to retain the user’s attention for longer. We would recommend that businesses utilise their products on Pinterest to help improve their visibility.

What we can do as a digital marketer to help improve your visibility is creating strategy specific to your business and product you’re selling by focusing on refining your SEO strategy. Metadata, image tagging and adding images as website library would be a priority to increase rankings in the search engine and making it easier for customers to discover your business. At times brands also should consider partnering with social media influencers and/or create a detailed social media advertisement strategy.

Pros and Cons to this new emerging technology


  • Effective when the user’s intent is to find the details of the product image when the name is unbeknownst to the customer.
  • Allow the user the ability to receive answers on questions that are often difficult to explain.
  • When use correctly, it can attract new customers and enhance shopping experiences.


  • The technology still needs to be more refined due to the amount of data it needs to render.
  • At times, the intent of the search is not as clear as a text-based search
  • Currently, not many people are aware of this technology. Many may find it risky to utilise.


Quality Content and Targeted Intent

As one of the top digital marketing agency in Sydney, Poseidon AU is determined to provide high-quality content in every instance ensuring that our clients are always ranking high in the search engines depending on their respective fields. How are we going to do so, you may ask? We are expertise in developing relevant content for websites and improving SEO, this means providing superior copywriting and building bullet-proof strategies with the intention to increase leads for clients.

Google has recently launched a new algorithm which focuses on content delivery and optimisation for users. This algorithm, BERT, pays particular attention to different mechanics on how content on a website is structured. BERT is launched to showcased Google’s plan to move towards ensuring in which searches are about intent rather than matches, as also stated in this article by Danny Goodwin (https://www.searchenginejournal.com/2020-seo-trends/338697/#close ).

Through the incorporation of BERT into the ranking algorithm, Poseidon also evolves our approach to SEO and SEM by focusing on keywords intent, as we have a great understanding how it affects and fulfils audience’s needs. By practising the intent rather than content matching, it will help brands to grow even more in the rankings. The integration of BERT in Google’s algorithm, it will mostly affect most online businesses in a positive way when utilised correctly.

Being trusted by the search engines and audience increase the chances of your website ranking higher resulting in more leads. To be able to appear on the first page of search engines, you must have relevant content that relates and satisfy what the possible customer is looking for. This is why we emphasize on the fact that SEO is an integral part of increasing your brand awareness.

Without analysing and revising marketing and business issues, SEO implementation becomes ineffective. This is why Poseidon’s team of experts begin through research and analysis of clients’ user journey and develop an in-depth marketing strategy. By doing so, Poseidon has extensive knowledge on how to intertwine the intended keywords and increase our clients’ SEO score and ranking in the search engines.

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Coca-Cola Marketing
Coca-Cola Marketing

Why Coca-Cola’s Marketing Rocks

We are here to refresh the world and make a difference

This is the first line that features on the Coca Cola website. After a quick scroll through their Instagram, you will soon discover feel-good-motivational-quotes such as “Kindness is refreshing”, “Make someone happy”, “Stay positive” or “Gratitude”. What is going on? Is Coca-Cola a not-for-profit or a billion-dollar global giant?

As one of the most valuable brands worldwide, it’s safe to say that Coca-Cola is straight-up CRUSHING their marketing. Turns out their obsession with feel-good moments of optimism and happiness is only part of their strategy to engage their international audience.

Here’s just a few more reasons why simply put, Coca-Cola’s marketing rocks.

Shareable content

Reaching consumers in the 21st century requires a new approach. Creating ideas and content so engaging that people voluntarily share it with their personal networks will stimulate more conversations and stories than your company could create on its own.

The distinct logo

Using the font Spencerian script, the logo has remained largely unchanged for over 100 years and therefore has had plenty of time to leave an impression on people all around the world. Fun fact: Dr John Pemberton’s (the guy who made the first Coca-Cola) bookkeeper chose this font to stand out from competitors. It’s also the font that accountants used at the time! Lesson: listen to your accountants!

The classic glass bottle design

After losing market share to competitors in 1915, it was decided to have a bottle design competition to make Coke recognisable as a premium product against other brown colas available. Inspired by the shape of a cocoa plant, The Root Glass company influenced the final design which is now iconic.

Building positive associations

“Delicious”, “Refreshing”, “Enjoy” – just a few of the simple buzz words which resonate throughout their marketing campaigns. Images of people laughing and having fun paint a rosy association of the feeling and experience behind the product that consumers desire.

Personalisation – on mass

You could say that this is next level segmentation. Now launched over fifty countries, the Share a Coke campaign has targeted multiple cultures and languages with the most popular names printed on cans and bottles, communicating specifically to individuals.

Franchise model

Coca-cola’s VP of innovation and entrepreneurship states, “The Coca-Cola Company isn’t one giant company; it’s a system of smaller companies.” With each franchisee able to tailor their strategy to their specific target market, rather than having a ‘one size fits all’ marketing approach.

Let’s be real, this list could probably continue for a lot longer and we’re only scratching the surface here. But this is enough for us to REFRESH our perspective on what makes awesome marketing and hopefully, this article MAKES A DIFFERENCE to a tangible way you can do your marketing a bit differently.





Stereotypes don’t sell.

Taking a quick scroll down the Instagram lane will say it all: picture-perfect smiles on the faces of attractive humans in some tropical paradise…yet here I am. Thankfully though, it seems that our self-esteem is not the only one who feels this isn’t right. Google’s chief marketer Lorraine Twohill has discovered the power of diversity and inclusive marketing.

“Over the years, I’ve received too many images with perfect, young hipsters in beautiful houses, living in cool cities. Our products are for everyone, but our images were not telling that story.”

Inclusive marketing can communicate to your audience that you care about them, and are considerate about the messages that you deliver as a company. It includes rather than excludes. Stereotyping will only show that you don’t understand the people you are trying to reach.

So as it turns out, advertising that reflects the real world, and might I add, real people, is better for business. So how can we go about this?

1. Work with diverse staff and clients

Who is in your team matters. Considering potential employees from a wide range of backgrounds can help in the hiring process. Having a variety of viewpoints can prevent single-sided, unchallenged group decisions. In addition, being mindful of your business partners means that your company can benefit from the influence of other perspectives. Note that diversity isn’t just about skin colour or gender, but other demographic factors such as geography or age.

2. It isn’t as simple as you think

Even Google didn’t get it 100% right… (it’s not just us). Racial diversity wasn’t enough for their advertising as people were all depicted as if they worked in tech and lived in certain areas. How can we more accurately echo the world we live in?

3. Tell real stories

If your team or customers have unique experiences or backstories, make the most of this and tell them. As an example, you could interview customers who enjoyed working with your brand and ask them to explain why.

There’s probably a lot more to it than what we’ve covered but at least this can be a starting point for you. Perhaps when it comes to inclusive marketing, we can take a leaf out of Nike’s book and Just Do It.






How To Make The Most of Facebook Ads in 2020

Whether you like it or not, the fact is that our attention is shifting from TV ads and outdoor media to social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. These two platforms are clearly different and so our marketing approach has to change as well.

The prior space meant that companies created generalised messages to suit the masses, but with Facebook ads, you can now segment your audience down to a variety of demographic details such as people’s employer, age, liked pages, income, interests, and it’s not going to cost you nearly as much. Tailoring your message to each specific segment can increase engagement and relevance.

More than ever before, we now have the chance to test and learn what the most effective strategies are rather than spending thousands of dollars on just one advertisement. At the end of the day, the only way to really know what works for your company is to try it and find out your Return On Investment based on the data. Not sure how to do this? Have a chat with us and we can get you started.

Other handy tips to keep in mind:

  • Facebook vs. Google – Why not have both? An integrated marketing strategy is better.
  • Facebook Stories Ads – Introduced in 2019, a major space to watch out for as consumers engage more in stories than Facebook feeds
  • Facebook Messenger Ads – Yep this is a thing (if you haven’t noticed already). They show up on the home screen of your Facebook messages and potential customers can strike up a conversation with you directly!
  • Facebook Ads Library – Spy on your competitors and find out how they are advertising on Facebook right now! Don’t just start from nothing, learn from others in the industry.

As you can see, Facebook has an entire ecosystem for ads and we suggest making the most of everything it has to offer earlier rather than later when bigger corporations begin to take over and jack up the cost of advertising.







What Is SEO And Why Should I Care?

What is it?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. In a nutshell, it’s all about using the right words so that more people (from the desired target audience) can find your website on a search engine such as Google, without paying a cent! Here’s a fun way you could look at it:

“SEO is about manipulating robots into treating your content as the best example of sought-after information.” – Brian Feldman

Have you ever wondered which websites get shown first when you type something into Google?

Other than the paid ads, it’s the websites with the best SEO! Basically, the search engine will sort through all the possible web pages and make a calculation based on an algorithm for which sites answer the search, the best.

This will depend on a multitude of factors such as using keywords, how user-friendly your site is, relevance, how frequently you update your website, using internal links, how often links to your site appear in external places, page speed or how mobile-friendly it is. High-quality content is key. Search engines want to prioritise the most useful information.

Just so you know, though, it’s possible that there are 200 (or even up to 10,000) other factors that affect your website’s ranking!

Getting traffic to your website is not enough, you want to attract the right people. For example, if you only provide services in Sydney, it’s not much use if heaps of people in New Zealand are viewing your content (nothing against New Zealanders, just an example). Search engines help match the most relevant page to the user.

Why should I care?

Search engines are a MAJOR source of traffic on the web – making up around 70% of where traffic is referred from! Yep, that’s even in competition with social media sites such as Facebook and Youtube, or e-commerce such as Amazon or eBay.

Basically if you want to get noticed on the World Wide Web (consisting of billions of web pages), getting your SEO right can make all the difference.

As a marketing agency, we happen to know a thing or two about how SEO can actually be useful to you and your business, so contact us today and let’s talk about how to give your business the SEO boost it needs.