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PPC Marketing is a powerful marketing tool that puts you at the forefront of your customers. A strategically crafted campaign can generate waves upon waves of leads day in day out.

Pay Per Click means you only pay for the clicks you want, from the searches that are relevant to your business.


We don’t just say it, we deliver. SEO allows an influx of new business online where it is most attainable.

Whether you are generating leads, an e-commerce store, want to increase your brand or just want to grow your business locally, SEO delivers. Period.

Social Media Advertising

Find customers who are looking for your service or product. Target with 99% accuracy with 100% delivery.

Generate leads instantly and showcase your business to the world. Generate viral content, increase your engagement and let your business brand flow through all channels.


We help companies dominate their industry


Why Poseidon?

Results Driven

Tired of not getting the results you want from your current agency? Our only focus is to deliver leads and sales. We back this with our fees and service. If we can’t generate a positive outcome for your business, don’t pay us! We’re in it with you.

Accountability & Transparency

Communication is key, we share absolutely every single plan, decision and action with you so you feel confident in your decision to partner with us. Our whole business model is built around consistent communication and transparency between our business partners and us.

We're Agency That Gets Business

We’re a business as well and aware of the importance of hitting targets, pushing barriers and deadlines. Understanding the significance of consistent new business and effective marketing & advertising.


What Clients Say About Us

What Clients Say About Us


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What is cost per click?

Cost per click refers to the cost each time someone clicks on your ad. This bidding system allows businesses and people to bid what they want to rank themselves as high as possible. Google then takes these bids into account and measures the bids against the quality of their ads, landing page and keyword relevance and places that ad accordingly!

How much do I pay per click?

It is always different! There are so many factors that come into play when assuming your cost per click. Depending on how competitive and direct the keyword is to your audiences goal, how relevant your ad is, your landing page content and much more! The rule is the more relevant you are to the search term, the cheaper the keyword click could potentially be! Google Ads has its own ecosystem, we live and breath that system.

How do I know if my adwords campaign is working?

You will get an influx of leads! Depending on the goal, we create data recording of actions on your website that will help hit the right target. We show you the stats and consistently improve them!

When can I expect results from my adwords campaign?

Pretty much instantly! Google Ads works so well as it can work from the get go and it only improves from there.

What can PPC do for my business?

The possibilities are endless, from doubling weekly sales to quadrupling monthly leads. Google Ads can help fast track your business. On average, businesses see $2.47 return on ad spend for every $1 invested.

Is Google Adwords right for my business?

Poseidon is a big fan of PPC campaigns, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is always suited to your business. Google Ads can work for multiple businesses goals whether it is lead generation, sales, purchases or branding. But depending on the budget, overall goal and timeframe, other digital channels may be more suitable to your digital marketing goals.

Does Adwords affects SEO and my business ranking?

There are studies showcasing that the two works well together to increase leads. As a digital marketing company, we have the capabilities to strategically intertwine the two together, helping you rank higher in the search engine.

Should I manage my Adwords campaigns myself?

We encourage our clients to understand and test Google Ads themselves. Why do most of our clients partner with us? Google Ads is time consuming, therefore requires a lot of attention and optimisation. If you do it repeatedly with a team of experts on your side, it really can save time and money.

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