Search Enginge Optimisation (SEO)

Connect with search engines and drive traffic to your website. SEO is yet to be beaten digitally within the marketing world. Yield long-term results by improving how your website and business communicate with the internet. Through specified strategies, building authority, invaluable content, and overall website systems, SEO delivers.

Google Ads

Full comprehensive pay per click campaigns focused around bringing in new business. Put your business up top infront of your consumers at the right time. If SEO is king, Google Ads would be the queen of the digital marketing world.

Paid Social Media

Utilising the biggest social platforms globally, we create hand crafted campaigns that drive urgency to your business. From Facebook to LinkedIn, your audience is scrolling on average 3 hours per day. Poseidon creates a marketing funnels that educate your consumer through social media.

Display/Youtube Advertising

Using high quality conent and clear messaging, Poseidon direct traffic to companies with display advertising and Youtube Ads. Tell your story within seconds and resonate with your audience. Make them an offer they cannot refuse.

Email Marketing

Nuture your leads and clients on an automated journey through your business. Segment your consumers on what they are looking for and how quickly they need your attention. Email marketing is the piece of the pie that should definitely be eaten. It amounts to a whopping 60% of customer retention.

Conversion Rate Optimisation – CRO

Not all campaigns are hits, sometimes it takes some testing of value propositions or designs but the data never lies. We view your current campaigns, website and brand to help alter the return on investment. CRO is all about optimisation for a better result.