Engage Your Audience With
Google Display Advertising

With More Reach Than Any Other Platform, It Should Be Mandatory For All Businesses.

Engage Your Audience With
Google Display Advertising

With More Reach Than Any Other Platform, It Should Be Mandatory For All Businesses.

Why Use Google Display Advertising?

Having the ability to visually advertise to 90% of search engines is incredible. GDN through Google and its search partners have an enormous reach that makes targeting your audience that much more accessible.

Create captivating ads that strike your audience where it matters most. Visually! Considering most viewers have an attention span of 3 seconds before they make a decision to move on or not, visual always trumps written content.

Place ads in front of previous website visitors to remind them of your offer at hand. Strike when they don’t expect but just as sharp. Calculated Remarketing campaigns are key to any campaign with an average conversion increase of 30% on all website traffic. GDN is definitely viable for all businesses. 


What's included in our services?


Researching keywords that are relevant to your business! the projected ROI per keyword, looking at your competitor’s strategies, mapping out your ad groups and ad copies to drive success. We create strategies from beginning to end, including Ads to the final destination page design.


Implementing our strategy throughout google analytics, google ads, bing ads, google my business, google tag manager and much more. Implementing the data that only results in ROI.

Landing Page

We take a step above other agencies and complete the whole funnel for your campaigns. It is crucial that your ads lead to a page that answers the users question. Otherwise it’s just dead money.


We optimise your campaigns daily to guarantee your business is being seen by the people who need your business. Performance management includes bid adjustments, keyword optimising, creating new ad copy and 35 other factors.


Trusted Digital Agency


What are the benefits of using Google Display Advertising?

Some of the businesses we work with.

Why Poseidon?

Results Driven

Tired of not getting the results you want from your current agency? Our only focus is to deliver leads and sales. We back this with our fees and service. If we can’t generate a positive outcome for your business, don’t pay us! We’re in it with you.

Accountability & Transparency

Communication is key, we share absolutely every single plan, decision and action with you so you feel confident in your decision to partner with us. Our whole business model is built around consistent communication and transparency between our business partners and us.

We're An Agency That Gets Business

We’re a business as well and aware of the importance of hitting targets, pushing barriers and deadlines. Understanding the significance of consistent new business and effective marketing & advertising.


Valued at $1500

Find out who your competitors are

What they are paying

Understand Your Customers Intention

Get a Display Advertising strategy session for your business


What Clients Say About Us

What Clients Say About Us



Does my business need Search Ads or Display Ads?

There are a variety of ways to optimise display advertising in order to reach new users and drive sales to your business. Both search and display ads are effective in their own ways even though they’re quite different. Contact Poseidon’s Digital Advertising expert at [email protected] and we can guide you to a suitable strategy for your business.

Is display ad the best way to gain new customers?

Display Advertising is best utilised to provide awareness. To drive new traffic to your business, we would recommend improving your SEO as well as Google Search Ads rather than Display Advertising. This is only for certain businesses, Poseidon can help you determine the type of ad will work best for your brand and develop a strategy accordingly. Fill in the contact form and we will get back to you ASAP.

Where can my business ads appear?

Your display ads appear on a variety of device and platforms. This includes websites and/or apps that customers often visit and use. We then pair this with targeting methods to drive them directly to your website.

How much will it cost to run display ad?

The cost of Google Display Advertising depends on the bid you place on the maximum CPC and the quality score of your ad. The average CPC for Google Display Network is $0.63USD, much lesser than search ads as it is not as valuable according to the algorthms.

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