How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency

November 21, 2020
November 21, 2020

How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency

A step by step guideline on how to choose a marketing agency that is suited to you!

The average Australian spends approximately 40 hours per week online (about the same amount of time that they spend working)!

With this information in mind, it’s no wonder so many businesses are investing more time and money in digital marketing. Why wouldn’t you try to meet people where they are (on the internet) and promote your business virtually?

You likely understand that it’s beneficial to invest in digital marketing. You might be unsure of how to incorporate digital marketing into your overall marketing strategy, though.

If this is the case for you, partnering with a digital marketing agency is a great option to consider. Outlined below are some tips that will help you to choose the best digital marketing agency for your business.



Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

There are lots of reasons to outsource your digital marketing and partner with an agency that helps businesses to improve their online presence. Here are some specific benefits to consider:

Partner with Experts

In many ways, learning the ins and outs of the digital marketing world is like learning a whole new language.

Do you feel overwhelmed at the idea of figuring out a bunch of new acronyms (SEO, SEM, PPC, etc.)? Are you unsure of your ability to learn everything it takes to promote your business online?

If you said “yes” to these questions, working with an agency might be a good idea. You’ll be able to partner with experts who are paid to be digital marketing experts while you focus on the things that you do best.

Save Time

Hiring a digital marketing agency can also save you a lot of time. Instead of spending valuable hours of your day learning how to optimize your website or figuring out which keywords to bid on for your paid ads, you can put a professional in charge of those tasks while you dedicate your time to the parts of the business that only you can handle.

Save Money

At first, you might be hesitant about spending money to hire a digital marketing agency for your business. Keep in mind, though, that you can save a lot over time when you work with professionals.

By hiring an agency, you get to skip a lot of the trial and error associated with building your business’s online presence (guesswork can get expensive, fast). You don’t have to worry about all of the costs associated with hiring a full-time employee to handle your digital marketing, either. Instead, you get to just pay a flat fee for the agency’s services.

Stay Competitive

Working with an agency helps you to stay competitive. If your competitors aren’t working with agencies, you can gain an advantage over them and put together a more professional, effective online presence that allows you to attract more customers and increase your sales. If they are already working with an agency, hiring one yourself helps you keep up with them and avoid getting left behind.



How to Choose the Right Digital Marketing Agency

Okay, you’re all in on hiring a digital marketing agency. How do you choose the best one for your business, though? Start by following these steps:

Set Clear Goals

Before you go out and hire the agency you can find, it pays to take a step back and think about what you want the agency to help you accomplish.

What specific goals do you have for your business? Do you need help building a website? Are you looking for assistance with paid ads or social media marketing?

If you take the time to set clear goals, it’ll be easier for you to find an agency that specializes in the type of digital marketing assistance you need. It’ll also be easier for you to start seeing the results from their services faster.

Look at Their List of Services

Once you know what you want to get out of working with an agency, start doing research to learn about agencies in your area. Head to their websites and take a look at their list of services.

Most agencies will have a list of services clearly displayed online. If they don’t have this information readily available, send them a message or give them a call to find out what kind of work they do. This will help you to decide if they’re a good fit for you and your business goals.

Research Their Team

It’s a good idea to do some digging into the people who make up the agency you’re thinking about hiring, too. Often, agencies will have at least their core employees and their positions listed on their site. If they don’t, you might be able to find them on sites like LinkedIn.

Researching the people who work for a specific agency can help you to ensure your needs will be met. For example, if you need assistance with a lot of design-related tasks (website design, logo design, etc.), it’s in your best interest to only consider agencies that have a graphic designer on their staff.

Check Out Their Online Presence

If a digital marketing agency doesn’t have a strong online presence, that’s a big red flag. After all, how are you supposed to trust them to improve your business’s presence if you can’t even find them online without clicking over to the fourth page of Google results? Shouldn’t they have the skills necessary to at least get onto the first page?

In addition to a business’s search engine ranking, pay attention to the way their website is laid out. Is their website well-designed and easy to navigate? Does it have relevant information readily available, or do you have to do a ton of digging to find what they need? Is it full of typos and poorly written content?

Bottom line: If you’re not impressed with a business’s website or overall online presence, don’t hire them to help you with yours. They’re clearly not practising what they preach and likely won’t deliver the kind of results you’re looking for.

Find Out What Kind of Results They Promise

Speaking of results, pay attention to the kind of results an agency promises before you decide to work with them. Remember, if something seems too good to be true, there’s a good chance it is.

Keep in mind, too, that it often takes time to see results from your digital marketing efforts. If an agency promises that they can get you to the number one spot on Google search engine results pages within a couple of weeks, that’s a sign that they’re likely using dubious practices that could end up getting you penalized later.

Ask About Pricing

Of course, you need to think about your budget. This is especially true if you’re running a small or medium-sized business and don’t have a ton of extra cash to spare.

When checking out different digital marketing agencies, take note of how much they charge for their services and what kinds of packages they offer. At the same time, though, remember that price isn’t everything.

Sometimes, it’s worth it to spend more money to get better service and better results. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on digital marketing services, of course, but it might be in your best interests to invest a bit more upfront.

Take price into account, but don’t let it be the only factor you consider. Weigh it against the other elements of a good agency, such as employee experience and specific services offered, to ensure you’re getting a good price and a lot of value.

Look at Their Portfolio

Always check out an agency’s portfolio before you decide to work with them. Take a look at the type of work they’ve done in the past to see if it lines up with your goals for your business.

In addition to samples of their work, ask about the type of results their past clients have experienced as well. This might include increases in sales, increases in website traffic, or decreases in bounce rate. This will also help you ensure you’re hiring someone who can help you accomplish your specific goals. For example, we provide a page that showcases some of our best performing concepts!

Consider Customer Service

Don’t forget to ask about customer service, too. When you read reviews or testimonials from past clients, this will likely give you some insight into the type of customer service the agency provides.

Consider the agency’s approach to customer service as well. For example, do they have multiple channels you can use to get in touch with them? How quickly do they respond, on average, to their customers’ questions or concerns?

It’s essential that you’re able to connect with your digital marketing team easily. If an agency has questionable customer service ratings, or if their policies are unclear, you might want to look elsewhere.




Start Your Search for the Best Digital Marketing Agency Today

These days, there are tons of digital marketing agencies out there for you to choose from. They’re definitely not all created equal, though.

If you’re struggling to find the best digital marketing agency Sydney has to offer, the tips discussed above can help. Keep them in mind as you begin your search, and you’ll have a much easier time finding an agency that meets your specific requirements.