How to Choose the Right PPC Agency in Sydney

November 21, 2020
November 21, 2020

How to Choose the Right PPC Agency in Sydney

Ensuring they understand your business goals and how to get there through ppc

The biggest advantage of digital advertising platforms compared to traditional methods is accountability. Pay-per-Click or PPC advertising is one of the finest examples of this. It’s targeted, effective, and fully accountable, as you only per for the click. If you are a business looking for a PPC agency in Sydney, here’s a systematic process to find the one that suits your objectives.

Know what you want

If you are a local business in Sydney, the first thing you have to do is figure out what your objectives are. What are you hoping to accomplish by partnering with a Sydney PPC agency? Are you looking at generating more leads, or raising brand awareness, or trying to promote a section of your website, or hoping to increase sales of any particular category?

Does the agency understand your business?

As you begin interacting with PPC agencies or Google Ads agencies in Sydney, the fundamental question you should ask is whether they understand your business. They should know your products or services, your challenges, and importantly, the consumer journey that you want people to have. Then it’s time to discuss the goals of your campaign, and the key metrics upon which the campaign’s – and their – performance will be measured.

They should know the Sydney market

It’s important to select a PPC management agency that understands the local market. They should have experience handling campaigns with similar objectives in the market. Local ‘near me’ searches are now 82% of all shopping searches made through smartphones. The agency should be adept at location-specific keyword searches and queries and should have a localised plan for your PPC campaign.

Their strategies should be driven by data

When PPC agencies in Sydney pitch their services to you, you should be interested in how they manage data to implement smarter digital strategies. All their suggestions should be backed by numbers. They should also use analytics to explain why they choose certain PPC metrics over others. Importantly, the account servicing team at the agency should share the results of your campaign with you regularly with detailed data on its performance.

Look for partnerships

Along with a strong in-house system to gather and analyse data, the PPC agency should also be credible enough to have partnerships with search engines and the major social media platforms. Those associations give them prior knowledge of changes in policies or updates. This would ensure that your campaign can be fine-tuned ahead of time.

The agency should have a mobile-first approach

A crucial thing to look for in a PPC agency is their expertise in mobile-first PPC campaigns. That’s because mobile is where all the action is, and most agencies tend to give case studies that combine both desktop and mobile. It’s important to have a PPC strategy that’s mobile-optimised and backed by localised data.

With the right process, it won’t be difficult to find a PPC agency in Sydney that will be able to deliver a demonstrable difference to your marketing strategy and business. If you are looking for a detailed approach to PPC Performance and an accountable business partner, we’re here to help.