Prepare Your Website for Global Sales

International SEO suited to all continents


Prepare Your Website for Global Sales

International SEO suited to all continents

What is International SEO?

Reach all your visitors.

International SEO is the process of optimising your website so that search engines can easily identify which countries you want to target and which languages you use for business. Setting up pricing to automatically change according to the geo-location of that user, sending your website version according to the continent and so on.

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Does Your Business Need International SEO?

Poseidon can help you analyse and plan for the future growth of your business through international SEO. One of the analysis we would do is whether you have a significant amount of web visitors coming from different countries/origins outside your home region. We further determine whether visitors from those regions speak a different language. These are good reasons for your business to start venturing on international SEO, ensuring better customer experience for your international visitors.

International SEO can be a complex job. Expanding your business to a new region means a thorough long term plan, where it will provide your business stable growth and allows us to analyse the results accordingly. We would start by evaluating your domain authority rating and analysing current organic search, traffic and trends.


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How We Can Help You Speak to Your New Audience

International URL Structure

There are different ways we can help you start on adjusting URL structure to the targeted country. Contact us to discuss the best option of URL structure combinations, to make it more convenient for search engines to crawl through the website.

Tailor Content

Communicate to your audience using their language through the use of hreflang or language meta tags. Plan and implement your content according to the region you are targeting. Our SEO expert will customise each section of your website, including site navigation to help indicate your website language(s) availability.

Link Building

At Poseidon, we believe that backlinking is key to improve your credibility with search engine algorithms. As a new website in a new region or country, we would help you contact local sources that can drive quality traffic and therefore build credibility with local audience.


What's included in our services?

SEO Strategy

A personalised strategy is the core component of delivering SEO success. By cultivating a custom strategy suited to your goals, we intertwine off-page, on-page and technical SEO that ranks you higher.

Off-Page Optimisation

Managing and building all references to your website on the web! Building your backlink profile, developing shareable content for your third party sites, optimising webmaster tools and everything in between.

On-Page Optimisation

Here we manage user experience and content strategy. Ensuring each page is flowing correctly with the relevant keywords and guiding your website viewers.

Technical SEO

Cyphering through the technical side of your website to make sure search engines can clearly understand what you’re about! Technical SEO includes increasing your website speed and optimising your website for success.


Now You're Talking My Language!

Surely you’ve seen your website visitors are not all in one country. This is crucial data to understand. Why? If you have a percentage of website visitors that are from foreign countries, they might not be able to read your site based on your website not being bilingual. Setting your site up for international SEO is a whole other game.

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Why Poseidon?

Results Driven

Tired of not getting the results you want from your current agency? Our only focus is to deliver leads and sales. We back this with our fees and service. If we can’t generate a positive outcome for your business, don’t pay us! We’re in it with you.

Accountability & Transparency

Communication is key, we share absolutely every single plan, decision and action with you so you feel confident in your decision to partner with us. Our whole business model is built around consistent communication and transparency between our business partners and us.

We're An Agency That Gets Business

We’re a business as well and aware of the importance of hitting targets, pushing barriers and deadlines. Understanding the significance of consistent new business and effective marketing & advertising.


What Clients Say About Us

What Clients Say About Us



Does my business qualify for international SEO?

International SEO is not suitable for every business. We recommend this for businesses that are ready to take on more global audience and/or businesses that are attracting more users from different country than its origin.

How Do I Start?

First, we recommend you speak to one of our specialists. We will audit your website and provide the best advice for you to optimise it to reach a new global audience.

Do I need to change my content for different regions?

We consider the culture and language of the targeted audience. Each country/region have different URL structure they are most familiar with, and we start with acquiring and planning the best subdomains or subdirectories for your website.

What is the best way to start?

Contact our SEO expert at [email protected] or fill in the form below.


We audit your business site to review your current SEO.