January 14, 2020

Quality Content and Targeted Intent

Digital Marketing 2020

As one of the top digital marketing agency in Sydney, Poseidon AU is determined to provide high-quality content in every instance ensuring that our clients are always ranking high in the search engines depending on their respective fields. How are we going to do so, you may ask? We are expertise in developing relevant content for websites and improving SEO, this means providing superior copywriting and building bullet-proof strategies with the intention to increase leads for clients.

Google has recently launched a new algorithm which focuses on content delivery and optimisation for users. This algorithm, BERT, pays particular attention to different mechanics on how content on a website is structured. BERT is launched to showcased Google’s plan to move towards ensuring in which searches are about intent rather than matches, as also stated in this article by Danny Goodwin (https://www.searchenginejournal.com/2020-seo-trends/338697/#close ).

Through the incorporation of BERT into the ranking algorithm, Poseidon also evolves our approach to SEO and SEM by focusing on keywords intent, as we have a great understanding how it affects and fulfils audience’s needs. By practising the intent rather than content matching, it will help brands to grow even more in the rankings. The integration of BERT in Google’s algorithm, it will mostly affect most online businesses in a positive way when utilised correctly.

Being trusted by the search engines and audience increase the chances of your website ranking higher resulting in more leads. To be able to appear on the first page of search engines, you must have relevant content that relates and satisfy what the possible customer is looking for. This is why we emphasize on the fact that SEO is an integral part of increasing your brand awareness.

Without analysing and revising marketing and business issues, SEO implementation becomes ineffective. This is why Poseidon’s team of experts begin through research and analysis of clients’ user journey and develop an in-depth marketing strategy. By doing so, Poseidon has extensive knowledge on how to intertwine the intended keywords and increase our clients’ SEO score and ranking in the search engines.

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