The Benefits of Working With a B2B Marketing Agency

November 9, 2020
November 9, 2020

The Benefits of Working With a B2B Marketing Agency

Marketing is the cornerstone of your business’ success. An effective marketing campaign should be strategic, consistent and flexible.

There are many benefits to working with a B2B marketing agency. The right agency will develop a clear and carefully curated plan and use tried and tested strategies to improve brand awareness, generate quality leads, nurture those leads and track engagement.

As well as a wealth of experience, a B2B SEO Agency can bring a fresh perspective – helping to re-invigorate your branding, your business and your marketing – providing value that far exceeds monthly fees.

Still not convinced hiring a B2B marketing agency is the right move for you? We’ve explained five primary benefits of working with a B2B marketing agency – and why it’s your ticket to a good ROI.


By partnering with a B2B marketing agency, you’ll have access to a handpicked team of specialised professionals in their field. This means you’ll be working with the best for your business.

A good B2B marketing agency will be able to offer a professional service in:

  • SEO strategies
  • Marketing and advertisements
  • Social engagement
  • Web design and development
  • Copywriting
  • Content marketing
  • Analysis and tracking

Better yet – you’ll have one contact to do it all. From researching keywords to managing copy and content writers, your account manager will make sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to your marketing strategy.


What’s a tradesman without his tools? A professional B2B SEO agency will have access to the best systems available, to ensure the right messages are being sent through the right channels.

These systems allow an agency to:

  • Conduct targeted keyword research & track keyword strategy
  • Run SEO blog audits
  • Look for backlinking opportunities
  • Complete thorough website audits
  • Undertake comprehensive competitor analysis’
  • Write SEO optimized content

And much more. These systems are costly and time-consuming to learn… but with professionals in your corner, you won’t need to worry about a thing.


Changes to the digital marketing landscape, including search engine algorithms, privacy legislation and ever-changing social network rules and regulations, meaning that without the help of a professional B2B SEO Agency, you’ll likely find yourself overwhelmed and out of pocket.

Marketing is not a ‘tick a box’ exercise, and to learn how to master the art of B2B lead generation takes time and ongoing education. A professional B2B digital marketing agency will know how to target your audience using multi-channel strategies. This ensures key messages are seen and heard by your ideal audience.

At Poseidon, we’ve worked on hundreds of campaigns, so we know what works and what doesn’t. This means you won’t find yourself spending dollars on ads that simply don’t convert.


By outsourcing your marketing efforts to the professionals, you’ll not only save time and energy, but you’ll also save money. Likely a lot of money, at that, given the expense and ineffectiveness of ad hoc marketing.

A business to business marketing agency will provide you with a very clear proposal, which outlines exactly what your monthly costs will be and what you’ll be getting for that cost. An ad hoc marketing plan that’s not backed by strategy will leave you with ongoing cost fluctuations – and no real insight into what you’re actually spending or getting back in return.

If you’re thinking of doing your marketing in house, then be warned, the cost of hiring a team far exceeds the cost of outsourcing to a marketing agency. Why? Because you’ll need to invest heavily inexperienced staff in SEO, marketing, content creation, design and editorial, as well as a multitude of systems, including:

  • A Customer Relationship Management system
  • Design systems
  • SEO tools
  • Paid advertising optimization tools

You’ll also need to allow enough time for training, brainstorming and strategy meetings as well as for analytics and tracking.


The success of any strategy requires quality data. As a business owner, it’s one thing to put a marketing strategy in place…. It’s another thing entirely to be able to accurately track the data and make adjustments to capitalise on the results.

By working with a Business to Business Marketing Agency, you can benefit from consistent and comprehensive tracking, accountability and analytics.

With Poseidon, KPIs are chosen from the get-go and monitored on a daily / weekly basis to ensure that we are hitting the mark. Where we see positive results, we keep going. If we’re not getting the results that we’re after, we will shift our focus and change our course of action. A good B2B SEO Agency should be flexible and adaptable – willing to pivot wherever necessary to get the best results.

A final word…

Business experts suggest outsourcing anything that an external professional can do better, cheaper and quicker than you can. By outsourcing your digital marketing strategy, you’ll have the time to focus on what really matters in your business. You’ll also rest easy, knowing you’re in the hands of a professional team who will implement proven strategies to increase your profits and escalate your growth.

Ready to get started?

Here at Poseidon Digital, we’re experts at what we do. We’ve worked with hundreds of B2B companies and have acquired in-depth knowledge across a variety of industries.

When you work with Poseidon, you’ll get a dedicated team of professionals who are focused on your success and will deliver a positive Return on Investment.

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